NHL Corporate Group

Our company was founded in 1995. We have been known as “Nizhegorodky Hleb” for 21 years.

In 2016 the company was rebranded, and now we are  NHL Corporate Group !


We develop integrated solutions for food industry and retail sector. NHL unites reliability of equipment and quality of ingredients with advanced technological solutions and high level of service

We contribute to our partners business efficiency increase and help consumers buy high quality food products with comfort and pleasure.

Company Values


- Each employee is an expert in their sphere or aims to comply with this high standard

Continuous Development

- We are constantly developing. We pay a lot of attention to staff training and new technologies launch

- We always welcome our employees' initiative to improve their workspace and processes they take part in

- In case of hiring staff for new positions or new projects, priority is given to our existing employees’ career development.

Positive Worldview

- We have an optimistic worldview and always search for new possibilities and solutions instead of getting stuck on problems


- We consolidate our expertise in different spheres thus creating additional value and unique products for our customers

- Each employee performs their specific tasks, and together we move towards the common goal, supporting and supplementing each other


- We are not afraid to set ambitious aims and we do our best to achieve them

- When we face difficulties, we don’t make excuses but look for solutions

- We appreciate processes but estimate by result.

Focus on Innovations

- We search for progressive ideas, adapt them to market needs and transform into technologies, thus becoming market trendsetters

Responsibility and Decency

- We establish relationships with our partners and staff on the basis of trust, mutual respect and sincere commitment to work efficiency

- We respect our competitors and follow the rules of fair play

- We keep our word and value our reputation of a reliable partner

Looking forward to cooperation with you!