History of the company

April 4th 1995
Foundation of the company
We began our business, as supplier for small bakeries and bread factories in Nizhny Novgorod city and region. Our company name historically formed as Nizhegorodsky Khleb.
Staff consisted of 5 people.
New activities
Opened meat processing equipment department, and after that pasta and packaging.
Sales geography expands: first contracts are concluded with enterprises of food industry in Kirov region, republics of Chuvashiya and Mordoviya.
Service departmentwas founded
Established basis for the modern service center.
We will help you to solve problems, related with the start-up and technical maintenance of the equipment, supply of the raw materials and spare parts.
and Import
5 dealer contracts were concluded with European suppliers: SVEBA DAHLIN, GOSTOL GOPAN, RUHLE, PFM, ESPERA.
One more new activity of the company was opened and together with it was formed the staff of technological specialists who today provide a wide range of services in technological support of companies customers.
70 people staff
10 years of the company
First branch in Kazan
2006 — 2009
Development of new territories
First contract with enterprises of food industry outside Volga federal region: Development of Ural Federal Region, Siberia Federal Region, South Federal Region, Central and North-western Federal Regions.
2011 — 2014
Time of new accomplishments
Was opened totally new for the company activity Retail and Horeca: new interesting client audience, development of technological concepts of small productions at chain stores, another — a new format of work with customers in a segment of the Retail and Horeca.
Our company is 20!
This year we spent with development and formation branch chain: branches in Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Almaty started their active work. 5 service centers are working all over Russia.
New production of spare parts was opened in Nizhny Novgorod.
2016 — 2024
We strive
to be first
The company comes to the sustained position in TOP-5 leaders in the Russian market of the equipment for baking and meat processing.
Own production of climatic units for baking, clipping machine for packing of bread, bread and confectionery mixetures is arranged and works; production of spare parts continues to work.